Video Talk 18+

Welcome to Video Talk 18+, the only 18+ Discord server that doesn't ban for arbitrary reasons. We follow Discord TOS and Community guidelines, to ensure the best experience, please familiarize yourself with those links below.

Foster Friendships

Promote Discourse

Here at Video Talk 18+ we promote and foster a community that values free speech and thought from all cultures around the world, within the TOS and Guidelines on Discord. Obviously, racism, homophobia, sexism, self-harm, threats, and other things that violate the above-mentioned TOS and Guidelines will have you removed from the server promptly. Feel free to talk about whatever you want, and feel free to argue your beliefs to your hearts content, this is a platform that will change the way Discord communities are ran. No more mods with power, no more voice-less users, a place for all adults to meet, converse and play their favorite titles together!

Fully Integrated Gaming!

Here at VT18+ we have spent our hard-earned money and short amount of free time on creating gaming servers for our community, that have a fully integrated currency system. Participate in a growing number of games and servers that use the same digital currency that our very own discord uses and have them seamlessly integrate for all of the games we host.

What this means is that you can play Minecraft to buy roles and various things inside of the Discord, or you can take that same currency you earned in Minecraft and turn it into Arma 3 currency, or vice-versa. Any of our games, at any time, you play, and you earn!

Arma 3

Apex Legends


To Be Announced