How to Join

Click on the Discord link, a bot will whisper you to click a check mark in the DM (This is a security measure to thwart Bot Raids). Click the check mark, PLEASE READ THE RULES! Then hop into the voice channels to be age verified.

Unlike most servers we DO NOT REQUIRE ID, if you appear to be over age. HOWEVER, if you have a baby face or get carded regularly, expect to be asked for identification. We DO NOT WANT A PICTURE OF YOUR ID. We will ask you to move to a private room, and you can display your ID on the camera, and all we need to see is your Date of Birth and picture, please cover everything else up, you don't want to give us your info, and we don't want it.

Why do we verify? This is to ensure the safety of our users, not just over 18, but anyone who might be below 18 as there are NSFW channels available on the server once you are verified.

Discord Terms of Service

Discord Community Guidlines