About us

Our Ethos!

"Foster Friendships, Promote Discourse." --Bluntman

We are a collective group of people from all parts of the world, we all live different lives, make different amounts of money and have different interests, spiritually, sexually, politically, and philosophically. Despite our differences we manage to have an ongoing dialogue, this, most of the time is just everyday bullshit. Every once in a while, we'll get into a nice, spirited conversation about politics, history, social interaction, and various other "Not acceptable at the dinner table" conversations. So long as you approach the matter with true intent and belief, you are free to say your piece and often will have someone expand or debate you on your ideals and beliefs. This is natural human communication and is something being lost to us in modern times.

The internet was created to share information, to further the reach of ideas, conversation, and beliefs. This is what Video Talk 18+ embodies, we aim to be a modern Tower of Babel, not in the biblical sense of course, but in the idea that all communities can come together, share common beliefs, or ideals. The idea that all humans who share the same sense of neighborly decency can sit down, converse, learn, share and experience the very world we live in from all perspectives.